Mr. Buck Smith formed the Royal Masters Quartet based on his sincere desire to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ through song. Over the past 43 years, Buck has continued to follow this calling on his life as he has kept his "Royal Masters Quartet" on the road averaging more than 50 concerts performed per year every year since 1970. The Royal Masters Quartet have been officially recognized and honored by the state of Alabama as the oldest continuous traveling southern gospel quartet in the state. There have been various members who have joined the ranks of this well established quartet over the years. To learn more about the current Royal Masters Personel please click on the "about us" button in the site navigation list as shown above.

As things constantly change in today's society, it is truly wonderful when you find something that still remains consistent and true to its roots. This is certainly true of the Royal Masters Quartet. From the very beginning, they have kept Christ at the center of the  music they sing and they have always sang the music in true southern gospel quartet style. So, if you haven't heard "real" quartet music sang southern style lately, you are in for a treat. Please click on the "schedule" button and come be with the Royal Masters Quartet in concert. We think you'll agree, Southern Gospel All Male  Four Part Harmony Quartet Music is still alive and well in the great state of Alabama.
The Royal Masters Quartet announce their retirement effective 12-31-14

Mr. Buck Smith, owner of The Royal Masters Quartet, has announced his decision to retire the quartet following his recent health issues.

"Please know we have loved every minute of our time spent singing about Jesus. We love you all."

from: Buck Smith and ALL the Royal Masters past and present 1970 - 2014

We would like to see you at a concert before the end of the year. Please visit the schedule page and make your plans to be with us soon. Buck is planning to be at every concert and would love to see you all.
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